Responsabilidad Social

Our company seeks for an ethical relationship with all parties connected to our hotel: our guests, our employees, our neighbours, our planet, etc. As a consequence we have established goals for our business towards the pursuit of a sustainable development.

The following are some of the things the Golden Inca Hotel is involved in to be socially responsible:


1. Commitment to Ecology

a. Program "Green Hotel"

The Golden Inca Hotel collects used bottles of minteral water left by our guests and turns them into small pots that the staff plants on the roof of the hotel every Saturday. We will also start with a new project with the goal to have a small nursery of native trees. The seedlings then will be donated to local schools in order to teach the children to love nature.

b. Water savings and reduced use of chemicals.

The hotel has a good system for guests who do not want their towels and sheets to be changed if they consider that they still are clean enough. This saves water and reduces the use of chemicals.

c. Use of environmentally friendly products.

Everything in the Hotel Golden Inca is carefully selected in ways to not damage the environment and to be free of chemicals.

The same principle is also used with all the cleaning products that are used. They are only purchased from companies that care about the environment and that do not use components that are harmful.

We use only aerosols that do not harm the ozone layer.

d. Use of renewable energy.

The Golden Inca Hotel is following a progressive program of energy conservation. In the year 2013 the hotel changed 100 of their electric bulbs with LED bulbs, which allows energy savings of up to 70%. In 2013 the Hotel began to use electricity and a heating system with solar cells. Those are located on the roof of the hotel.


2. Concern for the Company.

Voluntary Work: The hotel works closely with social organizations where guests can help as volunteers.

The Golden Inca hotel donates to some of these organizations, the following are some options of volunteering:

I. Organization Helping Hands.

This organization helps to provide education for children living in poor and disadvantaged areas in the city of Cusco.

Volunteers can assist in various tasks, such as teaching English, arts, mathematics, but it is also important to just play with the children because what they need most is to feel loved and valued.

II. Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Home for children with mental and / or physical handicaps)

In this center live about 25 children between the age of 5 to 13 years, who come from poor areas of Cusco or from small village. Their parents there cannot ceep them at home because they do not have enough money to support all of their children.

The volunteers' tasks include the preparation of food, feeding the children, helping them to brush their teeth, bringing them to bed, etc.

III. Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Nutrition Centre)

This project cares for about 30 children, who do not have any disabilities, but are malnutrated and need to be feed with high protein food. They are also learning to read, paint, play, sing, etc. 

The volunteers have to prepare meals, teach songs, paint or just play with the children.

IV. Tinkary School

The 6 to 12 year old children in this school also come from poor areas of the city and there are helped with their homework, with learning English, maths or art, or they simply play, etc. 


3. Concern for our employees.

a. Decent working conditions, the safety and health of our employees matter a lot to our company. They recieve unlimited free breakfast and reasonable working times.

b. With our system of distributing points, our employees are able to earn additional money depending on the employability of the hotel.

c. We encourage human values such as honesty and respect for each other.

d. Our employees value the social responsibilities of our company.

4. Concern for our customers

a. Our first attention is to our customers. We provide comfortable rooms and are always ready and happy to help in a friendly way in any possible way. 

b. We pass on information to our clients about how to prevent risks in the city during their stay (which areas should be avoided, how a secure taxi can be recognized, etc.) and also on health problems such as diarrhea and parasites that are common if certain measures are not taken preventively. They also receive information about the city to make their stay as beautiful as possible.