Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1.- How do I reserve a room at Hotel Golden Inca?

Please contact us by e-mail and we will respond shortly:

To recieve more information about our rooms and services you may contact us by Skype or by phone: (51) (84) 240331


2.- Could the altitude sickness affect me?

The city of Cusco is located at 3300 m.a.s.l., which makes around 25% of the tourists feel some problems related to the altitude. Normally young people have less problems, a little headache or dizziness. The body takes about 2 days to acclimatize, in this time we recommend to drink a lot of coca tea with sugar, sleep with the feet layed on pillows because this helps the blood to bring more oxygen to the brain (the reason for the headache is a lack of oxygen). Eating a lot will make the headache worse, since the blood goes to the stomach while the brain lacks it.

At the hotel a bottle of oxygen is availaible. The best way to get rid of the issues is to breathe in oxygen for around 10 minutes, take a break and later use the oxygen for another 10 minutes.


3.- How far is it from Lima to Cusco?

A flight from Lima to Cusco takes around 55 minutes. There are a lot of good local airlines like LAN Peru, Avianca, Star Peru, Peruvian airlines, etc. that offer those flights.


4.- When is the best time to visit Cusco and its surroundings?

We recommend to visit Cusco during the dry season from April to November, because walking during your excursions will be more easy and enjoyable without having to deal with a lot of rain.


5.- Is safe to travel in Peru?

It is possible in every country to catch a bad moment or have some bad luck. In Peru, we advise to take care in Lima because it is a big city. Cusco usually is calm and relaxing, but sometimes there are some problems with pickpockets. Their targets are cameras, phones, tablets and wallets. In 99% of the cases they grab it and run away; this does not happen a lot in the center because there are many police men and cameras, but in the less touristic areas you should keep an open eye.

If you take some foresights you will enjoy your days in Cusco without having problems.

We advise:

  • Do not carry lot of money with you, only the amount you need. 
  • Do not show expensive electronic devices in public places.
  • Do not walk alone in lonely streets.
  • If you want to go out to a disco, bar or pub and return late, it is better to go by taxy.


6.- What happens if I become sick in Cusco?

Cusco is a verytouristic city, there are many clinics with english speaking staff. They also work with international medical insurances, hence we recommend to settle a medical insurance in your country before your visit in Peru.


7.- Advises about food?

It is clear that you come from far away with a lot of dreams and wishes to fulfill in Peru, so please take care about the food. Around 10% of the tourists have problems with their stomach ("Traveler's diarrhea") or with parasites. Both can easily be avoided. 

  • Never eat at the streets or at San Pedro market. The food there is very cheap but it is not clean enough.
  • Never eat the mayonnaise, ketchup or uchucuta (traditional spicy green souce) when they are served open. Peruvian restaurants use to put these sauces in small bowls and then sometimes it is used for many days and contains a lot of bacteries. (If you want to try it, it is better to buy it in smaller packages)
  • Eat only boiled vegetables, avoid lettuce since it could contain parasites.
  • Do not eat ham or Ceviche (raw fish) in Cusco because the ocean is far away and the fish will not be fresh enough. 


8.- How do I reach my hotel from Cusco airport?

The Golden Inca Hotel offers a free transfer from Cusco airport to our hotel for all our guests. We only need you to send us your flight number and time of arrival in Cusco.

After your stay in Cusco we can arrange a safe taxi for you, that will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the airport for around S/12, which is US$ 4. 


9.- Does the Hotel Golden Inca provide training to their staff?

All our staff receives courses of quality customer service.